there are glitches in

This is for you.
You know who you are.


there are glitches in
the universe that require
a bold leap – let go

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1. Read more books by women

Strategy: Pick only female authors whenever it’s my turn to choose for book club. Purposely go to the library and visit the Reader’s Advisory desk.
Ask Twitter.

2. Make better food choices

Strategy: Snacks. Choose nuts or veggies. Make popcorn without butter or much oil. Eat smaller amounts.
Mostly implement this at work. Don’t eat at your desk. Replace pop with wine. or water if you’re at work.

3. Write more often.

Strategy: When the husband visits his parents, do a writing prompt. This will usually be Sundays. Have a pocket writing notebook for at work. Reread your scribbles and post-its.

4. Paint one room in the house.

Strategy: Get off yer butt. Greige and bright white. do it. Use the fan. One hour a day after work, for a week. (Once you start, you’ll probably put in two hours since the husband isn’t home until late anyway).

5. Sew something by myself.

Strategy: Pick something easy. Pajama pants. Pillowcase. Catnip pillows. Tell mother to ask you about your project once a week.

6. Take more pictures.

Strategy: Take a class. Wednesday night’s, at the local college. 630-930. No excuses.

What are you doing this year? How are you going to achieve it? Do you set reachable goals, or purposely set high standards so that you work hard and surprise yourself by what you actually accomplish?


Also, this is the year of Will Smith music. The past week (even though it’s only day 2), I’ve heard at least 6 different Will Smith songs on the radio, in stores etc. I’m not sure if this means it’s going to be epic, or just be full of awful throwbacks.

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Sisters Shoot

A mom asked me to come by a couple weeks before Christmas and take some photos of her daughters. We had been trying to plan a time when I could take some of the whole family, but we just couldn’t get schedules to work. I was glad to get to know her girls in a more relaxed setting that the stressful “Christmas family shoot”, and hope that when it comes time to do the family shoot, I’ll still be able to capture their personalities as I think I was able to here.


IMG_3799 IMG_3865 IMG_3981

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Family Portraits: Christmas

I went out for coffee with a friend a couple weeks ago, and we talked about how hard it can be to take pictures of kids – which is when she told me her camera doesn’t have a remote and she’s been trying to use the 10 second timer to capture family photos which she is also in. I did a similar thing when I first got my camera and my sister asked me to take her wedding photos. Since I was in the wedding party, and family, it was a trick and a half and that’s with adults – not with children with the attention span of a fish. So I told her I’d take some for her. And her kids are super active, interested in everything, excited about birds and leaves and sticks, but not cameras. I also quickly learned that one little munchkin just learned to cross his eyes, and the other pulls a SERIOUS face whenever looking directly into the lens.

So it was interesting, and I know I’m lucky to have walked away with a couple decent shots – but I would still do it again tomorrow! (Especially now that we have snow).


IMG_3689IMG_3789 IMG_3669 IMG_3663 IMG_3626 IMG_3774

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it’s easy to lose

As always, her poetry speaks for itself.


it’s easy to lose
yourself in
the best seconds
of the day, stretched
like taffy
in new hands

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Sneak Peek: Family Photos

This month has been filled with photo-taking; wedding, families, babies, gnomes, cats. Yes. All of the Things. Including one of my favourite families from a recent outing.

IMG_2970 IMG_3112 IMG_4164

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Sam & Marshall’s Wedding Sneak Peek!

I was honoured (and terrified) when Sam and Marshall asked me to do their wedding photography, and am so glad that I had a chance to be part of their day. It was a gorgeous fall day, and everyone had a blast. The day was full of laughter, happy tears and memorable moments from the personal vows shared between bride and groom, to the maid-of-honor doing the hokey-pokey. It took me four tries to write this post, to try get my favourite images down to a manageable number. Thank you, Sam and Marshall, for taking a complete risk with asking me to join you as a photographer for your wedding. dressflies sammarshall

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