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Men on Fire

two house fires framed the life of the first, the post-traumatic permanently etched into his cheek, the flames wrote the story of his life, beginning and end, made print-less but memorable, a life never quite his own. the second, a … Continue reading

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Today I hate poetry.

I wrote three pages on how much I hate poetry. (autocorrected to “potty”…so much better! so much cannon fodder, I could have wrote five pages on how much I hate potty). potty mouth, potty smell, potty shape (yes certain shapes … Continue reading

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Sugar Highs and the Writing Process

Kim at Go Fox Yourself recently shared what she would do for a career (or in general) if money and time was no issue. I wrote a longish response*, where writing did not even cross my mind. In fact, when she … Continue reading

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Haiku: forgetfulness

a once golden time torn photographs, speak of those forgotten dead grass and peeled paint, ghostly remains of a home spring exposes all ————————— For a challenge by We Drink because We’re Poets, found here.

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Monday Sidebar has been cancelled this week due to writers block.

It’s almost September, and I’m still a line too late, a phrase too short to finish this letter. It’s three months from the start and I’m all out of ideas, emotional oil to fuel this story. The forecast isn’t good, … Continue reading

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Monday Sidebar (Late): Haiku

I cannot write Haiku. I try, often, but I like too many words to be able to pare them down and confine them that much. Also, I’m bad at syllable placement. But this guy, K. Ryan Henisey, from LA is … Continue reading

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to write you a letter

I want to write you a letter, one that’s not full of cliches or common phrases how are you what’s new I hope you’re well I want to share my thoughts ones that are new and still fuzzy and those … Continue reading

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