Coursera: The Craft of Plot A2

The second lesson of the course is on structure. Brando Skyhorse (the instructor) promotes a 5 act structure called the ABDCE structure.

A – Action (what draw the reader in, something physical the character is doing)

B – Background (essential info that determines how the characters will behave throughout the story)

D – Development (rising actions, plot, success and failures)

C – Climax (the largest rising action, narrative twist)

E – Ending

In less than 200 words we are to write a short story about a trip to the doctor – or what actions lead us to need to go to the doctor. We are to mark each of the structure points right in the story.

Here’s another cat story, but from a different narrative point of view. BTW this has never happened with me and my cat. I know better than to taunt her with treats, especially when I haven’t clipped her nails in awhile.

Owner came home late today, so I snaked around her feet as she put her coat away, meowing loudly until she gave me treats. (A) I get three treats every day, one on my cat house, and two hidden elsewhere. It’s a game, I hunt while she does whatever humans do when they get home from work. (B) Owner finally went to the cupboard and got the treat bag. I sat on the house while she waved it annoyingly just out of my reach. I swiped for it, scratching her arm. She dropped it and it rolled under the fridge. This was her fault and she should get it out, so I pawed at her leg until she got the wooden spoon. I hunkered down to watch her hunt; I was salivating for it! (D) In one quick motion she knocked the treat right at me. I pulled back suddenly, scraping my nose on the edge of the fridge and screamed loudly.(C) She picked up her phone – who was she calling at a time like this? When she pulled put the towel, I knew. We were headed to the vet, and I didn’t get my treat. (E)


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