1. Read more books by women

Strategy: Pick only female authors whenever it’s my turn to choose for book club. Purposely go to the library and visit the Reader’s Advisory desk.
Ask Twitter.

2. Make better food choices

Strategy: Snacks. Choose nuts or veggies. Make popcorn without butter or much oil. Eat smaller amounts.
Mostly implement this at work. Don’t eat at your desk. Replace pop with wine. or water if you’re at work.

3. Write more often.

Strategy: When the husband visits his parents, do a writing prompt. This will usually be Sundays. Have a pocket writing notebook for at work. Reread your scribbles and post-its.

4. Paint one room in the house.

Strategy: Get off yer butt. Greige and bright white. do it. Use the fan. One hour a day after work, for a week. (Once you start, you’ll probably put in two hours since the husband isn’t home until late anyway).

5. Sew something by myself.

Strategy: Pick something easy. Pajama pants. Pillowcase. Catnip pillows. Tell mother to ask you about your project once a week.

6. Take more pictures.

Strategy: Take a class. Wednesday night’s, at the local college. 630-930. No excuses.

What are you doing this year? How are you going to achieve it? Do you set reachable goals, or purposely set high standards so that you work hard and surprise yourself by what you actually accomplish?


Also, this is the year of Will Smith music. The past week (even though it’s only day 2), I’ve heard at least 6 different Will Smith songs on the radio, in stores etc. I’m not sure if this means it’s going to be epic, or just be full of awful throwbacks.


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One Response to Resolutions

  1. Kim says:

    Good goals! Yes. And also? Will Smith. That’s actually pretty epic. Unsurprisingly it’s all hair ballads in my life. Go classic rock, go!

    I am all about achievable goals this year. They are all important, but they all come back to one thing: I matter. I lost track of that, I gave a lot of power to people who don’t deserve it, and I need to see myself as someone worth (self) loving. …I hope that’s not a lofty, unicorn-like goal.

    MOAR women authors. I think that’s my favourite. That and painting, because I should really get my shit together on that front, too.

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