Family Portraits: Christmas

I went out for coffee with a friend a couple weeks ago, and we talked about how hard it can be to take pictures of kids – which is when she told me her camera doesn’t have a remote and she’s been trying to use the 10 second timer to capture family photos which she is also in. I did a similar thing when I first got my camera and my sister asked me to take her wedding photos. Since I was in the wedding party, and family, it was a trick and a half and that’s with adults – not with children with the attention span of a fish. So I told her I’d take some for her. And her kids are super active, interested in everything, excited about birds and leaves and sticks, but not cameras. I also quickly learned that one little munchkin just learned to cross his eyes, and the other pulls a SERIOUS face whenever looking directly into the lens.

So it was interesting, and I know I’m lucky to have walked away with a couple decent shots – but I would still do it again tomorrow! (Especially now that we have snow).


IMG_3689IMG_3789 IMG_3669 IMG_3663 IMG_3626 IMG_3774


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