Today I hate poetry.

I wrote three pages on how much I hate poetry. (autocorrected to “potty”…so much better! so much cannon fodder, I could have wrote five pages on how much I hate potty).

potty mouth,

potty smell,

potty shape (yes certain shapes of toilets annoy me).


I was going to say how instead of writing “Morning Pages” (which I’ve been recently introduced to by Kim at, a writing exercise by Julia Cameron. Google it), I’ve been writing evening pages (most often in the form of emails to Kim). Tonight I wrote three pages on how I hate poetry, my own, others, the poetry culture (again, appropriately autocorrected to “potty” culture). I don’t have anything much to say about it that I’m willing to post online, but I am curious about other poetical types out there…

What do you think when you go back and read your own poetry? Do you recognize that voice? Do you hate it? Do you think it sounds like the best or worst version of yourself? When you write purely for yourself, do you find it comes across that way? Should I be writing to an audience to get rid of this underlying tone in my own writing? What do you think of poetry culture in your own city, with the connections you have? What was it like building those connections, was it worth it? Did you writing stop sounding like your own and start sounding like someone else’s?

I think recently my favourite piece of writing that I’ve done is write out the limits/validity concerns of a data presentation in three succinct lines. I think a rut that has you excited about writing statical reports is the worst rut of all.

Also, I know too many acronyms for research things, and not enough words for story things.

rant over.

No, I’m not drunk. I just think “potty” is a funny word. It sounds clean, but describes something often so foul. Yes, I did work custodial on a college campus for three years. Potties can be worst.


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One Response to Today I hate poetry.

  1. Kim says:

    This is awesome. I’ve been meaning to tell you that for DAYS. And days. And days.

    I don’t write poetry. I don’t like (most) poetry. BUT! I write, and there are similarities in the experience. Especially in my Morning Pages. Because in those, I hate my voice 98% of the time. I sound whiney and snively and annoying. I actually really like the idea of writing for someone else. I might have to start looking at doing things that way. Less of a “bitchbitchbitchwhinewhinewhine,” more of a “Dear John.”

    Also this “I think a rut that has you excited about writing statical reports is the worst rut of all.” Yes. Dude, I have been there. Balls.

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