Definitely is now on Twitter!

Sometimes, writing poetry is hard. Like a full-on-more-than-150-character poem is the hardest thing to spit out. More often that not, I first feel the start of a new poem with just a single line. It only then takes another month before a first draft is written, and another month before I decided to quit working on it already and just post it on the blog. So if you wanna see any of these pre-poem first lines, or just get a glimpse into my personal life a little more, then follow me on Twitter @defnotapoet. 

One of the hashtags for my first tweet: #Catshark.

I’ll just leave you to ponder that little tidbit.


About definitelynotapoet

View my work in Skirt Quarterly, Untethered, Vagabond Citylit, the Quilliad and Tracer Publishing.
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