Monday Sidebar (Late): Haiku

I cannot write Haiku. I try, often, but I like too many words to be able to pare them down and confine them that much. Also, I’m bad at syllable placement. But this guy, K. Ryan Henisey, from LA is brilliant with them! I’ve only been following his blog for a couple of weeks now, but I’m blown away with the consistently good haiku he posts.

This one is so brilliant, it makes me want to try my hand at haiku again, from his blog post 2,135

Traversing the streets,
We’ve made tracks through time; fingers
Twist as love sets roots.

He is one of these multi-talented people who makes everyone else jealous – not only is he definitely a poet, but he’s also a water-colour, acrylic, digital and pop-art artist! Even his sketches make my real attempts at art look like they were done with chubby fingers and broken crayons.

The simple style he does so well reminds me to choose my words carefully – as I’m sure you could tell by my last blog post – which was definitelynotshort.


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3 Responses to Monday Sidebar (Late): Haiku

  1. Wow! Thank you. What a great surprise to be featured on your page – and so nicely as well. Much love.

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  3. In addition to all those fine things about Ryan, I want to add that he’s a really nice guy! I am glad that you featured him here!

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