Monday Sidebar: Paper Thin

I’m starting a new adventure. I just decided.

Every Monday (almost, no guarantees) I will share something, usually one stand-out item, that has made a significant impression on me in the past week or so. This way, you’ll get to know me a little better, see what inspires me to write, what’s irking me in the blog circles, know what Youtubes make me laugh, cry, or give me goosebumps.

This lyric has been haunting me for the past month, so I think it’s worth sharing.

I’m more in you than in my skin
I’m building up from paper thin
What will you do with bits of me
you don’t use

It’s from a Canadian band called Data Romance, song title: Paper Thin

It gets the Monday mention because of its beautifully simple description of after-love. After-love is a term I use to describe working up to a break up, or slowly falling out of love. You’ve been with, or in love with, a person for so long that when that ends you forget who you were before or how to be yourself. Conversely, it could also be the moment you discover how much you’ve lost of yourself, and fight to get a bit of it back – the parts that maybe you liked but compromised for the good (or bad) of the relationship.

Musically, the build up in these three lines make the fourth line almost a let down. I mean that in the best way possible – its like climbing a short, sandy, steep hill: your heart rate shoots up immediately, but you’re up in only a couple breaths. As soon as your feet are back on flat ground, you feel your body relaxing – it wasn’t so bad after all. Or maybe its like a three kilometer run (I will never be a marathon runner) – you just get to the feeling-good-but-burning-legs-not-quite-the-oh-god-stage and then stop. What was the big deal about? Yeah it sucked there for a quick bit, but it was mostly good, and now that its over just stretch it out and repair.

So check out the song on Youtube (there is no music video that I can find)

Or just buy the darn song on iTunes already.

I would suggest three days on repeat, two off, three on and so forth. Also, great to listen to when walking.


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