just some thoughts

you make me lose my cool,
holding my tongue,
speaking too fast
trying to cover my nervous thoughts.
I’m trying just to be,
but my heart beats too fast,
betrayed by eyes and lips.

I tuck my hands under my thighs to warm my cold fingers
though I’m sure I’m radiating.

I want you to know this,
but I don’t want you to have proof.
I want you to call me on it,
I want you to make me back off,
I want you to slow me down,
but not take it easy
I want you to embarrass me
but not shame me.

destroy this
tear it up. burn it
throw it out before you read it
I think too far ahead
and I’m too stuck in yesterday…
your worlds too much for me,
for all that you make me feel
and all you make me want to be

yet I don’t know myself well enough
to trust me with you.

this still needs some reworking, though the very “stream-of-consciousness” vibe sort of works for what it is.


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One Response to just some thoughts

  1. LadyT says:

    i like the free verse approach to this… lovely work

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