to write you a letter

I want to write you a letter,
one that’s not full of cliches
or common phrases

how are you what’s new I hope you’re well

I want to share my thoughts
ones that are new and still fuzzy
and those that are old and sharp

Did I mention, remember when

I wish to give something of worth
four words strung with spaces
that mean more together than alone

My heart knows you

I hope to express trust
and a friendship
in words that don’t frighten or diminish

What is, what has been and where we go from here

but I again find myself in a state
where I write what I want
behind scrawling script and three line stanzas

I’m sure I’m someone better when I’m talking with you


About definitelynotapoet

View my work in Skirt Quarterly, Untethered, Vagabond Citylit, the Quilliad and Tracer Publishing.
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