On seeing your friends yesterday

you left me this gift,
when your truth was shown as lie,
this black hole chest
and empty moon eyes

and so I grip this emptiness
fingers clutching from out to insides
refusing to let it heal over
all the good that was you and I

things will turn around
when you’ve hit bottom, they say,
all I fear is never getting there,
falling for you, always.

this is much too late
and four lines too short
to patch
me and you
back into us.


About definitelynotapoet

View my work in Skirt Quarterly, Untethered, Vagabond Citylit, the Quilliad and Tracer Publishing.
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One Response to On seeing your friends yesterday

  1. The closing ties the idea all up in such a neat statement–the essence of the irreparable rift. Well done.

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